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Keeping Patients and Vistors Educated and Engaged

The time that visitors spend waiting rooms and reception areas represents a valuable opportunity to reach them with important educational announcements, programs and advertisements.

Hospitals, clinics, physicians’ offices and community health centers can use video, graphics and bulletins to reinforce messages and inform patients of important health issues, treatments and news.

With easy-to-use templates and scheduling features, clinic administrators can update signage displays in patient rooms, lobbies, waiting rooms and hallways.

Digital Signage in Waiting Areas: Digital signage displays in waiting areas help alleviate patient and visitor boredom and frustration. These displays can be used to show news, health and wellness information, and promotional value-added services and procedures. Hospital administrators can use digital signage to educate patients about new research in latest medicines, treatments, procedures and techniques. When appropriate, signage airtime can be used to display ads from partners and third-party advertisers and to promote higher-margin services, such as cosmetic surgery.

Digital Signage for Alerts and Announcements: Digital Signage in clinics and urgent care institutions provide an ideal platform to disseminate alerts and announcements to visitors, patients and health-care workers. Cominbing scrolling text ticker (via RSS feeds) in content can allow delivery of emergency event notices, latest drug recalls and epidemics.

Staff Training: A comprehensive, digital signage network in break rooms and common areas across health-care system can help staff members learn about new office policies, employee benefits, employee recognition photos updated safety procedures, new treatments being offered, and more. Interactive digital signage kiosks can provide self-directed viewing and automated skills testing.