Professional Billing for Healthcare Providers

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Designed for use in practices with one to several providers, in general and specialty practices, in provider offices and billing services, NowMD is built from the ground up for electronic claims and also supports billing on paper claim forms.

NowMD  supports specialized electronic claim data for these areas:


Professional medical claims (fee for service)

  • Pregnancy – OBGYN
  • Anesthesia
  • Ambulance
  • Optical/Vision
  • Chiropractic
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Family planning
  • Physician-administered drug therapy with NDC (National Drug Code) codes

For Medical Billing Services

NowMD supports multiple databases for use in billing services and in healthcare offices where providers share office space and separate their finances. There is no additional charge for this feature. The software supports as many databases as necessary.

Fast Reliable Technology

NowMD has no dependencies on runtime modules like .NET or Java that can slow down your computers and your staff. NowMD has modest hardware requirements and supports Windows operating systems from XP Service Pack 3 through Windows 8. On newer computers NowMD’s performance is remarkable!

Get the Advantages of In-Office Software

You’ll love the the performance improvement when your practice management software is running in your office on your computers! NowMD gives you advantages that cloud-based solutions can’t match:


You have complete control of your data

  • You have complete control of your electronic claims – Send them to any supported clearinghouse or directly to insurance carriers
  • Pay for your medical billing software once instead of every month – Own the software license often for less than you’d spend with a cloud-based provider for a few months’ service
  • Software doesn’t go down when your Internet connection is down

Using NowMD on Networks

Whether you use NowMD medical practice management software on one computer or dozens you’ll have a great experience. You may not know that NowMD uses a stable performance-oriented Client/Server database but you’ll get all of its benefits!


Every user in your office can share the same billing database

  • Simple network setup – All NowMD software components find and connect to the database no mater which computer is hosting the information
  • Does not require a Windows Server operating system for ten or fewer network users
  • Automatically makes a local backup copy of your billing database every day
  • Copy database backups to a removable drive or use a web-based backup service for ultimate data safety

Complete and Affordable Medical Software

TotalMD offers easy-to-use, full-featured medical billing software that completely integrates your financial, reporting and scheduling needs. To accomplish this, TotalMD uses a modern, graphical software design that looks and feels similar to the Internet Explorer® – allowing for easy movement from screen to screen. With available conversions from Medisoft®, Lytec® and other practice management systems, a seamless interface with electronic medical records (EMR) software, and an amazingly low price – you will want to make TotalMD your practice management software choice!

Whether you are looking for easy-to-learn, inexpensive Medical practice management software to simplify billing and scheduling patients, or need a complete full-featured system which integrates to your electronic medical records software, TotalMD has the right software features you need at an exceptionally great price.

TotalMD Setup and Training

TotalMD is easy to set up and use. All versions of TotalMD software come with 30 days of 1-800 telephone technical support, a comprehensive manual and context sensitive help screens. If you have high-speed Internet access, our technical support can remotely log onto your computer and assist you in setting up your software.

Although TotalMD is designed to be simple to use and requires minimal training time, you may wish purchase one of our training options. The comprehensive interactive training CDs will handhold you through learning the software. And, if you would like further assistance, our local independent dealers can literally provide hands on assistance to you and your staff.

To help with setting up your medical office, the existing data from your previous software can be transferred into TotalMD. We offer a complete data conversion from Medisoft® as well as conversions from Lytec®, AltaPoint® and other systems.

Why is TotalMD Software priced so low?

Medical practices deserve the latest technology solutions at an affordable price. Medical practice management software does not need to be excessively expensive and TotalMD proves it.

TotalMD also does not require any maintenance service fees or support fees. You can set up the software yourself, have a local dealer set up your software, or have your own computer technician set up your system.

TotalMD is a fraction of the cost of other leading practice management programs!

TotalMD Revolutionizes the Practice Management Market

By combining easy-to-access screens with a complete feature set and industry leading low prices, TotalMD has revolutionized the practice management market. From the ledger / transaction entry screen, you are literally one click away from the claims manager, scheduler and patient screens. Create a complete system by using the including EMR link to access your medical records software. Or, use the included Encoder Pro® software to access code detail and lay descriptions for thousands of procedures.

TotalMD software is easy to use and looks similar to Windows XP and Windows 7, and yet TotalMD’s prices continue to be a fraction of our competitors’ prices. Choose the $499 single-computer version, the $3,496 network bundle, or other low–priced options. TotalMD is a phenomenal value.